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an exciting adventure


All is lost. Mordath the destroyer, a horrible, terrifying creature, has taken over all the land of Rangast. He has killed the king of the land, and now all the dark and evil creatures are under his control! With no king to lead them, the townsfolk go to the wise lady known as the Oracle. She is more than 400 years old, and knows everything that has ever happened, will happen and is happening. "A mage, a beast, and a element bender must fight mordath, lead by a strong knight called Shadow. They must venture across the land to reach the floating mountains, where the team is to kill Mordath."
You realize that she speaks of you, as your name is Shadow. "They want me to lead this mission?" You think, surprised. You are mostly amazed because you are no leader. "I may be rather strong, and I am a good warrior, but i am no leader," you think to your self.