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A GenCon Adventure
It's Saturday. There is a seminar of interest today. This is your attempt to get to it.

You've seen some lookers in your day, but this girl absolutely takes the cake. After a few steps, she has everyone's attention. A few whistles sound out from around the joint, not a few gents (and possibly a dame or two) vocally sounding their approval. You catch her smirk, just for a second, before her face goes back to impassive. She glides into a chair next to you, glancing at Earl before picking up a menu.

Everything about her smoulders, and a discreet appraisal up close reveals some points. You're sure all she did was brush on a bit of makeup and slide into a dress: her hair and her assets are natural (possibly gravity-defying, but you're not complaining). As she looks through the menu, you catch her looking you over with brilliant green eyes, a tiger sizing up her prey.