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A GenCon Adventure
It's Saturday. There is a seminar of interest today. This is your attempt to get to it.

You stare out the hotel window at the city, turned a drab grey by the rain that blew in overnight. The streets are deserted save for the occasional pedestrian hurrying by on the wet pavement below. You grab a coat and a hat to keep out the rain. As an afterthought, you holster the Maverick you threw in your case before you left the Twin Cities; something tells you it's gonna be that kind of day.

The growl in your stomach sends you to the Steak N Shake. You get a nod from Earl as you take your usual seat at the lunch counter. Earl's alright; he seems to be the only waiter that works the lunch counter, and you struck up a pretty easy friendship since you've been coming here. The cherry limeade is poured and set before you slide in to the seat, and the single with cheese and bacon is practically ready.

Earl notices the heater strapped to your side and cocks an eyebrow. "Expectin' trouble?" he asks. You wave it off, "just a gut feeling" you say. He smirks. "Your gut feelings make me nervous." As he sets the burger on a plate, he asks how you want the fries. "Mean and vicious." you reply. The vinegar will help shake out the webs that have been gathering at your temples.

As you start in, you survey the rest of the joint. It's oddly quiet this close to lunchtime, and it's a little unsettling. There's nothing to really hold your attention.

Until she walks in, anyway.