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A GenCon Adventure
It's Saturday. There is a seminar of interest today. This is your attempt to get to it.

Thus far, this year's GenCon has proven extremely exciting. Peter Davison, your favorite Doctor, is a Media Guest of Honor alongside Walter Koenig, you've demoed some new games and purchased the one that was available, met the developers and creators of several games, picked up some requested items for friends unable to attend, played various roles: starship captain, cybernetic S.W.A.T. member, enthusiastic bard; and have generally had an excellent time of things.

There is only one event today that holds your interest: An Evening with R.A. Salvatore, the yearly panel/Q&A session with the noted sci-fi and fantasy author. In years past, Mr. Salvatore has proven an interesting and thought-provoking subject, and the event has always been entertaining.

That event doesn't happen until 7PM this evening. For now, you find yourself with some free time on your hands. Most of the day, in fact.