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Cabin In The Woods
Adventure awaits :)

You should grab a map before heading in, looking around you see two possible options. To your left is a small diner, the kind where everyone knows everybody. It looks slow based on the lack of people/cars outside, but I'm sure there will be someone in there to help you. You can tell it was once painted a warm shade of yellow, but the years have taken their toll and it now looks like the sickly yellow that replaces a smokers once white wallpaper. The dim flashing open sign doesn't help its case, although the "best burgers in the west" sign seems promising.
To your left is the docks where a few boats lay abandoned, half sinking beneath the murky lake. There is an older man there, whistling an eerie tune you can't quite place your finger on but one you've heard before. He sits on the dock, digging through what looks to be a tackle box and occasionally sending something flying into the water below. Heavy fog clings to the lake.
Where do you go?