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Hydrological Hostilities
An short educational adventure about a conflict over water resources in a fictional country.

You are a government advisor for the country of Rashijan. Rashijan is located in a desert, and your water supply was limited to begin with. However, the severe drought of the past year has only exacerbated this issue. The government has attempted to protect the people of Rashijan City by concentrating water resources there, but this has enraged the rebel group known as the Farzin Brotherhood. They have amassed a considerable army and have the support of most rural Rashijanis. The water shortage isn't their only grievance, of course - they also oppose the government for its widespread corruption. President Moshiri and his inner circle have a reputation for embezzling, though you don't participate in any of it.

The military is awaiting orders from the president to eliminate the Farzin Brotherhood. Rashijan is on the brink of war, and it's your job to stop it. But how exactly should you go about it?

You need to decide which problem to focus on first.