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This adventure is an inside joke for a specific youtube comment section. You probably won't understand this if you aren't from there. Ignore this.
By Abe091

The others look baffled.

"What?!" says Gordon, "It's clear Darwin was the killer! What on earth could we be missing?"

Suzanne interjects.

"No, the newcomer is right. We can't jump to conclusions. What if Darwin isn't the killer after all?"

Darwin takes a sigh of relief, knowing he is no longer about to be apprehended. 

"Fine then," says Gordon, "If all of us were together, then how could anyone but him have committed the murder if we were all together?"

Suzanne suddenly has an idea.

"Maybe they could have committed the murder without being there in person," says Suzanne, "Like, maybe they gave him poisoned food?"

Gordon laughs.

"Poisoned food?" says Gordon, "Who here would be capable of that?"

Suzanne turns to you.

"Well, newcomer," says Suzanne, "We're at a stalemate. We'll let you decide, and trust your judgement whatever you choose. Who do you think would be most capable of poisoning Klein?"