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The Office is a Jungle
Your job means everything to you, but can one simple mistake be the deciding factor of your termination...?

You sit in the breakroom, your world having just been shattered.

You let your half-eaten sandwich fall to the floor, emitting silence to all others but a deafening bass drop sound effect plays within your mind.

This lunch, which you have so merrily feasted upon, was property not of you: but of your boss.

T. Money.

Being fired isn't an option. That would be the end not only of your advertising career, but of your breathing career. Due to some questionable decisions in your past, nobody will be willing to hire you once they glance at your paperwork. You managed to slip through the cracks with this job, but you won't be so lucky again!

"Hey bro." A man with long hair and a punchable face approached you while you were lost in thought! "You gonna finish that?"