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Master Control Selected You
This read along adventure will you teach you about the game world of HUM 202, as well as giving you an opportunity to work with your hypersquad. Good luck!

As you try to make your way through the crowded Community Square, you find the rest of your hypersquad. They - like you - are new DIVRs, recruited to aid Master Control in her quest to better understand humanity and to build a better utopia. 

They push there way towards you. One of your teammates cautions, "This is probably not a good place for such a sensitive package."

You nod in agreement but are at a loss for ideas.

A group of young citizens bumps into you. They apologize and move on, but the organ-pig starts to squeal. 

If you continue to carry the carrier through Community Square, continue with section 6.

If you backtrack to Proletariat Row, continue with section 2.