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Master Control Selected You
This read along adventure will you teach you about the game world of HUM 202, as well as giving you an opportunity to work with your hypersquad. Good luck!

You move your way through Proletariat Row. There you meet your fellow DIVRs who received similar messages to you, requesting your help in the errand. One of your teammates says, "I have never been in this part of the community... its so..."

Another teammate interrupts, "Dirty. Most of the citizens are unaware of community's underworld. This is where waste is collected, clothes are cleaned, and food is prepared. Its the "other" work that we never speak of..."

You look around quite cautious. You see workers dressed in grey-blue uniforms, each doing tasks that most citizens would find appalling. No one seems to pay you or your teammates any mind, but yet you still feel eyes watching you everywhere.

Soon, you and your hypersquad of fellow trainees cross one of the bridges over the crystal blue stream. Nearby is the Engineering Bay and The Academy. You have made it through and back to a part of the community that seems more familiar.

Several children run from the playground behind The Academy. One of the children asks, "Hey! What do you have in that case?" Another pokes its fingers into one of the airholes of the carrier. 

If you chase the children off, continue with section 4.

If you explain that you were told to keep the organ-pig safe, continue with section 5.