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Master Control Selected You
This read along adventure will you teach you about the game world of HUM 202, as well as giving you an opportunity to work with your hypersquad. Good luck!

We've talked about gamification, but experience is the best teacher - so let's play! The heart of any gamified experience (be it a class, a training module, or game narrative) is decision making! At the end of each section you and your hypersquad will need to make a choice. Then go on to the next section of the adventure.

A small drone has arrived at your domicile. It leads you through the endless rows of exact copies of your own home - same shape and color. Hundreds of people, all dressed in the same gray tunics and all with the same neat haircuts go about their busy lives. They stare at you as you follow the drone. 

You finally come to the community's Temple, where you have been summoned by Master Control. 

A hologram projection shows the ominous floating head of Master Control. She says, "Welcome DIVR. I am so glad you have answered my summons." Her tone is uncomfortable and inhuman. And you think to yourself, "As if I had a choice..."

Her face fluctuates through static as it changes from false-warmth to true-cold. "Deliver the organ-pig to The Geneticist. Do so quickly, and he will reward you with 2AP." She disappears in a flash of light.

The drone produces a shiny, white carrier made of polished plastic. Inside is a miniature pig with a number of bulges growing from its sides. The drone buzzes, "Warning. Do not release the pig."

There are two ways to reach The Geneticist: If you follow the dark pathway of Proletariat Row, continue with section 2. 

If you go through the crowded Community Square, continue with section 3.