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this is for science class

You decide to visit your first father, Democritus.

Democritus was a Greek Philosopher, who lived from 460 BCE to 370 BCE. He is most well known for his atomic theory of the universe, and he was the first to raise you.

You find yourself in Democritus’s lab, it is mostly well kept, though there are loose papers on the ground. Democritus has his nose in a book and it takes him a second to notice your presence.

Democritus: Ah! My child, Atom! I have not seen you in so long. It brings me great joy to see how big you have grown! You have changed plenty since you were a young one.

Really? How have a changed?  

Democritus: When you were younger you looked very different! We were still trying to piece together what you were.

Democritus: I thought you looked like this!  

Democritus: My theory back then was that everything was made of you, between you, there is empty space, you are solid particles that cannot be destroyed, you are always in motion, and there are many different versions of you, which all have different shapes and sizes.

Democritus: Some of these things are still true about you today, for example you do make up everything in the universe, there is empty space in some of you, you are always in motion, and each one of you is different in shape and size. I helped figure these facts about you, which helped your other fathers figure out what you really are.

Democritus: I did get some things wrong of course, I did think that you were solid!