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BANDERSCOTCH - Rugby World Cup Challenge 2019

You are hit in the face with a blast of talcum powder. You rush to find a sink to wash it off with but the instructions are just as confusing as the toilet buttons.

You return, shame faced to the restaurant.

Toony takes one look at you and tells you to get out of his sight and calls you a disgrace. You try to explain it's only talcum powder but he doesn't believe you.

You are sent home in disgrace. Also it turns out fugu is a poisonous fish and Toony's was improperly prepared. As you left the restaurant early you were unable to translate when the waiters passed the news on to Toony and he dies the next day. Scotland don't make it out of the group stages.

Back home your life is in ruins and you spend the rest of your days sad and alone drinking supermarket own brand larger and eating spam straight from the can.