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BANDERSCOTCH - Rugby World Cup Challenge 2019

A jet of water shoots from the toilet spraying you in the face. You return to the restaurant sodden making a mental note to research Japanese toilets and prepare cheat sheets for the whole squad.

When you enter the restaurant there is quite a fuss at your table. Toony is surrounded by a number of waiters who are all shouting in Japanese.

You approach the head waiter and in perfect Japanese (which you speak, apparently) ask him what the problem is.

"It's the fugu," he says. "It was not properly prepared and it's in every dish we serve even the oden. Our head chef has just revealed he lied about his credentials and has no license to prepare fugu which is a deadly poisonous fish if not prepared correctly. This man may die"

You look at Toony who is as calm as ever, the restaurant light catching his bald head perfectly.

What do you do next?