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BANDERSCOTCH - Rugby World Cup Challenge 2019

Toony smiles at you.

"Sounds great," he says. "Sounds familiar but I can't think where I've heard of it before".
"I think it was on a Simpson's episode once but I can't remember what happened" you reply.

Toony tells you he wants to you keep an eye on everyone to make sure no one makes any cultural faux pas during the trip. He wants everyone focussed on the rugby so you need to be on your toes making sure no one causes an international incident.

The food comes but you suddenly need the toilet. It was a long flight and you overdid it with the free water. You excuse yourself.

You enter a cubicle in the toilets and relieve yourself. You turn to flush but there are so many buttons you don't know which to press. You're the cultural attache to a major sports team at a major tournament so the "if it's yellow let it mellow" rule does not apply here. Which button do you choose?