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Systematic Desensitization

By afitch

- Melman's Hierarchy for Hypochondria -

Hello, and welcome to today's exciting choose your own adventure therapist addition! This afternoon you will be seeing Melman Mankiewicz, a witty and lovable giraffe who also happens to be a hypochondriac. This means that Melman has a perpetual fear of being/becoming sick. Using the hierarchy that you and Melman created in previous sessions, conduct a session of systematic desensitization. Remember, it is key that Melman remains in a state of relaxation during the process!

Session has begun and you begin to walk Melman though a meditation to get him relaxed. Once Melman is sufficiently relaxed you start to describe the first label on his hierarchy. Melman sits with the idea of losing his favorite thermometer. He remains relaxed with no sign of anxiety for 10 seconds. What is your next step?