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The Elven Ruins: Part 1
Your entire kingdom was destroyed in one fell stroke... could this mean war?
By Cheddar

You ignore the body. No good would come of robbing: you refuse to stoop down to the thief's level.

As you reach for the door, you hear a whistling like an arrow. Instinctively, you draw your hand back, and just in time! The dagger flies toward the knob, stabbing into the thick wood and sticking there, quivering.

Stunned, you back away. The dagger stays inanimate once more, but you won't fall for that trick. You have seen many sentient weapons before, and are thus unsurprised, but now are concerned as well. This man could have no good about him. He was obviously a thief and a sorcerer, and his weapon of choice no doubt shared his perspective. If it had been enchanted to, it could kill you of its own accord.