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The Elven Ruins: Part 1
Your entire kingdom was destroyed in one fell stroke... could this mean war?
By Cheddar

You see the wooden inn in the distance. Smoke billows ominously from its chimney: it's open.

Encouraged, you urge your horse onward. After riding for nearly a week straight, you are saddle sore and uneasy. Resting indoors for once would be nice, but you haven't had much experience with humans. And you aren't very sure if they approve of elves.

After some time, the inn comes into better view. You smell roasting meat and the scent makes you grin. A welcoming fire would be wonderful.

At that moment, a cloaked man comes out of the concealing shadows. You can't see his face, but he runs toward you and stabs your steed in the side with a gleaming dagger. You quickly nock an arrow and put it through him.

Your horse falls over, dead. You examine the corpse of the man and find nothing strange about him except;

1: He has no money.

2: He is wearing a mask.

3: His dagger, now stained red with blood, is glowing.