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The Battle of Three Banners
Do you have what it takes to command a huge army and single-handedly win the war? Try to find both of the successful endings!
By Cheddar

You deduce that you can't fight this battle unprepared. Indeed, the enemy army seems infinite from this distance (and with some heavy-handed sorcery, it could be) and you decide to prepare for the onslaught.
The most important question to you right now is how.
-One advisor, Sir De' Klonn, suggests calling for reinforcements, but you both agree that could take far too long. Still, outnumbering your opponents for a change would be nice. 

-Your personal mage, Jandoln, declares that nothing would be more important than rallying your troops into a courageous union. You nod, but secretly doubt that it would make the largest difference. He implores that you try, and promises to help with a dose of fair magic.

-Finally, a newcomer to the King's court and an elven ranger, Erylene suggests taking the tactical approach: Set your defenses. Your scouts may be able to prepare and set some ruined ballistae or even spell traps, but finding them in the ruins would be a difficult task.

You consider the three options carefully. One folly mistake or mishap would be fatal to your entire army. After much thought and discussion, you and your makeshift court of advisors decide to: