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The Battle of Three Banners
Do you have what it takes to command a huge army and single-handedly win the war? Try to find both of the successful endings!
By Cheddar

With a huge, guttural battle cry of "FOR ENTERIA!" your troops rush forth across the deserted, gray rubble.
Your two armies meet, clashing viciously with you at your's head. You swing hard at the nearest soldiers with your enchanted greatsword (gifted to you by the King himself) and decapitate the yelling, underfed soldiers before you. Given that you are outnumbered, you would be less hopeful, but you had been put in charge of one of Enteria's most elite armies, all trained a lifetime for this moment.
After another great slash saving the allied soldier next to you, you see a black, sleek podium that seemed to be made of the ragged bones of a dragon in the absence of your previous offender's head. You could barely get a good look at the thin, razor-edged sword pointing from the stand's occupant before you are forced to defend yourself once more.
You know the general direction of the enemy general's overlook now, but rushing it could be risky. After all, it is likely heavily guarded, and you have no clue who this general is. If it is someone more advanced than you...