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The Battle of Three Banners
Do you have what it takes to command a huge army and single-handedly win the war? Try to find both of the successful endings!
By Cheddar

--By Carter Nason--
The fog and haze obscured your view, but you were sure you had seen them over the horizon. Over your armed knights, you gaze into the distance, squinting at the hard rain. Once more, you spot the Dalnor troops from your elevated seat at the center of your army. The flags of Enteria and the allied Elven faction stand waving behind you. You had expected the biggest battle of the war to be difficult, but them outnumbering you war far unexpected...
You snap out of your temporary daze. Now is not the time to ponder, now is the time to act! The oncoming army is getting close to the ruined fortress you are taking shelter in, and you must act with haste and accuracy.