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The Heist

Tonight was the night. Tonight was the night you became rich. You and your friend Tom 
had been planning this for months now. A heist. It was the perfect plan if you were more than cautious, in this case, you and your friend Tom are.

You're laying in bed resting when your phone goes off. You check your phone to see that Tom sent you a text. The text read, "I'll be at your place to pick you up in 15? Hope that's fine". Upon reading this text, you shut your phone off and hop out of bed. You walk towards your closet and look for just the right outfit. You find a tuxedo and a nice pair of slacks. You put them on and dig through the top drawer of your dresser. You remember you had put a Tragedy mask in the top drawer. Alas, you found the mask and put it on, and just then, you hear a car horn. It's Tom.

You hurriedly grab your 9mm Glock from under your bed and rush down to the door. You throw the door open and dash to the car. You get in and Tom turns up the radio. He's playing his mixtape. You think he's a terrible singer and rapper, but you keep quiet so you don't hurt his feelings.

You've finally arrived at the bank. Just then, Tom gets a phone call. He tells you to take the crowbar from the trunk and pry open the vent on the roof. You walked down the alley next to the bank, and to your convenience, you find a ladder right next to the bank. You climb the ladder and find the vent very easily. You manage to pry the vent open just quiet enough to not cause suspicion. You enter the vent.

You crawl through, trying to make the least amount of noise you can. You look down through another vent and notice that a Guard just passed by...