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Hiding From Hitler
You and another women fall in love in the 1940s. The problem is, homosexuality is illegal. So, the two of you must keep your love hidden, lest being found out by a Nazi, or worse - Hitler.

"Catherine!" you laugh when your girlfriend opens the door.

Your girlfriend, Catherine, has blonde hair and blue eyes. The perfect German. The thing is, looks don't really tell how perfect you are. It's what's inside that matters. And on the inside, neither of you are anywhere near perfect in Hitler's eyes. You're both homosexuals.

"Ah, you're here!" she replied. "Come in."

You follow your girlfriend into her small house. She leads you to her living room, where you sit down on the couch. The two of you are both nurses, but you work in different fields, so you don't get to see each other often. You are a nurse midwife and she helps with surgeries.

"How was work?" Catherine asks.

"The same as always," you reply, "Helped deliver three babies."

"Did you hear about the Cat's Eye Club?" Catherine asks.

"The gay club? Yeah, Hitler shut it down and took the owners to who knows where," you reply.

"Those poor people," Catherine sighs.

You scoot closer to Catherine and kissed her forehead. "Don't worry, Cat."

She lays her head on your chest and whispers, "Do you think we'll get caught?"


A: lie and tell her everything will be fine


B: tell the truth and explain your worries