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The Gladiator
This is a demonstration of a gladiator's control over life, as well as a second person gladiator experience.

You come from Sparta, a city-state defeated by Rome in 146 B.C. You were a prisoner of war, one of the Spartan soldiers lucky enough not to be viciously slaughtered. You were taken as a slave, and forced to serve a highly ranked Roman senator for almost a year. You decided to be a obedient slave and follow orders. This was an intelligent decision because after almost a year of servitude, you were given the option of becoming a gladiator. I know what you are thinking, "why would anyone want to be a gladiator," but there is a good reason. After enough victories, a gladiator who was favored by the crowd would win a wooden sword, symbolizing freedom. You accept of course, freedom is worth the risk of death. They practically starved you for a week, and knocked you out so they could drag you to the entrance to the arena. Finally, after seven days of torture, you begin your new life as a gladiator.