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 VAMA quickly spins in the direction of a huge sign that reads 'Lifers - from the dark into the light'
"Come on then, to our new exhibition" She smiles pleasantly through her mirrored face.

"Welcome to our jump off point, at any time if you have ANY questions please just raise your hand and once I acknowledge you, just ask" She opens the large white doors into a darkened theatre with pillows scattered all the floor, in the darkness of the theatre they glow a pale blue.

"Lie down and look to the ceiling" VAMA asks you politely, her metallic skin shimmering in the darkness, her face illuminated by her face screen, "I will power down temporarily, as to give you the best way to view the short movie" she wheels to the corner and powers down, leaving you in the dark only illuminated by the soft glow of the pillows.

You lie down onto the pillows, they were a lot softer than you originally thought and as you lie into the pillows they dim under your weight which in turn triggers the monitors above you to power up.  

Looking up you see the monitors glow blue, the pillows around you hum to life and softly play music all around you. You feel the slight vibrations on your arms and legs.

The monitor shows planet earth from space. " Welcome to Lifers, from the dark into the light" The male narrator softly speaks from the pillows. His voice flowing is like honey, with a slight rasp, yet melodic. "Do you know what a lifer is?" he asks you and waits for your answer.