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   You slowly walk up the stairs of the International Museum of History, the gigantic white building seemed to reach so high it pierced the azure coloured sky. Draped down the side of the magnificent building were signs that fluttered lightly against the museum, showing pictures of current and future exhibitions.

    You find yourself being drawn into the building, passing through the glass doors, you find yourself in the foyer.

   The foyer is generally white, with pale blue marbled tiles underneath your feet, a giant administration desk is in the center, a circle of white light with blue neon shining down brightly on the tiles. The desk looks like some kind of futuristic alien craft, with it looking almost like it was floating... You realise the desk is actually floating a couple of centimetres of the floor. Behind the desk is a shining android smiling pleasantly at you.

The android rolls from behind the desk and glides across to you. "Welcome to the international museum of history I am VAMA your Vocal. Android. Museum. Attendant. Today is the first day of our new exhibit 'Lifers, from the dark and into the light'. Would you like a guided tour? " She says smiling, her upper body resembles a female covered in silver paint, but her lower half is like she is coming out of a one wheeled silver vase. she effortlessly spins around on her tiny white wheel waiting for your answer.