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The Gypsy Fortune Teller (unfinished)
You find a gypsy tent in the middle of a field... do you believe in destiny?

Before you start reading this story please know this story is to be taken as just that, a story. There will be times the gypsy gives you a "reading" this is all in fun like ringing a telephone psychic for example. if at any point you feel i am reading your mind or giving you advice from the spirits know that I'm a bored mum sitting in bed on a laptop (probably eating chocolate) listening to music  and pretending to be a writer. so enjoy. 

Walking through the fairground, the bright lights blinding,the carnival sounds deafening. You seek out quiet in a dark deserted area of the fair.You find an old log and sit down, your head is pounding and feet swollen.Off in the distance further again from the fair you see fairy lights twinkle lightly as if to call you towards them. 
You rub your feet once more putting your shoes back on. You decide to travel in the direction of the lights

You find a gypsy tent set up in the middle of the woods, fairy lights arch the door. 

A voice calls to you.

A voice calls your name. 

Your feet move you through the curtains without asking for permission. 

Darkness envelopes you for a moment, your eyes adjust to the light and you see her...