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How to create your own adventures/information on the various pages of the site.

With a new adventure created, we arrive at the Editing Adventure screen.

Here, we can change the title, set a description, and make other choices that affect the adventure as a whole. For now, let's change the colors of the adventure. Click on the "Background" link under "Default Styles."

Here, we can see that currently our background is set to be plain white. This is sort of boring. To rectify the situation, we can choose either a solid color or a repeating image in the background. For your convenience, the site makes available several free images which could make good backgrounds. Clicking the down arrow in the picture-selection box shows you all the pictures you've uploaded for use in your adventures (though at this point you'll likely have none). However, a link at the bottom allows you to toggle between your pictures and pictures available to everyone on the site. Click this to find a suitable background.

I have decided the "woodfloor" tile looks good enough for my purposes, so i click on it to choose it as the background of my adventure. The screen updates to show what it will look like.

There we go! Now the adventure is a little more pretty. There are other options in the Text and Foreground sections, but for now let's start making some screens.