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This will most definitely not be your usual princess story.

The morning peeks through the heavy draped red velvet curtains. You are sitting at your white with gold trim dressing table. You pull yourself closer to look at yourself in the mirror.

So Princess what do you see?

A princess of amazing breathtaking beauty with golden locks and crystal blue eyes, forever a charm with talents in singing, embroidery and dance. She dreams only of the day her handsome prince will come.

A princess who doesn't take no for an answer! forever at her father's side from a young age she grew up with a mind for strategy, diplomacy and for the kingdom.

A princess who can fight like a demon, who grew up surrounded by knights, she learnt to fight secretly, creeping out to dungeons and killing the dragons that might have captured her, Her mind is only for adventure!

A Princess that is well... not complete of mind, a few jewels short of a crown. She says she has the ability to speak with animals... and that is just the start of it.