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Terms and Conditions

  1. This site is intended to be family-friendly. To that end, any adventures chosen for unrestricted public availability must not contain images or text which is: pornographic (including drawings, "censored" versions, low-quality or faraway images), unduly revealing of bodies (visible genitalia, female breasts, or ostentatious animal equivalents), excessively profane, excessively violent, gory, or insidiously libelous (i.e., untruthful about a real-world person or organization without parodic intent). These are all subject to the site administrator's judgment, but generally consider a movie rating of "PG-13" to be the guideline.
  2. You may choose to mark your adventure as "Restricted." These will be freely available to any users who have registered and chosen to be able to see such adventures. These adventures must not contain images or text which is: excessively pornographic (including drawings, though "censored" versions are okay, and simple nudity does not constitute pornography), excessively gory, or insidiously libelous. These are all subject to the site administrator's judgment, but generally consider a movie rating of "R" to be the guideline.
  3. Adventures may be published privately, which prevents them from showing up for any users in the list of adventures available through the site and imposes a layer of password protection. The author is responsible for distributing the link to his adventure and the password needed for access to his desired audience. These adventures are essentially unregulated except by state and federal laws—site administration will not access or alter the adventure unless asked to do so by the author or a legal complainant. The submitting user is responsible for any consequences, legal or otherwise, of the material s/he uploads to the site.
  4. Within comments and on the forum, excessive obscenity, harrassment ("trolling"), spam, or malicious actions are strictly prohibited and may result in suspension of registration, at the discretion of site administration.
  5. All user-submitted material must be a legitimate use of the material. In general, that is to say, it is original material, short excerpts of copyrighted material with proper attribution, obvious parody or satire, or used with permission of the content's originator. This does not necessarily exhaust the possibilities for legitmate use, nor does it necessarily legitimize all material that can be thusly described. Determinations of plagiarism lie with the administration of this site.
  6. All legitimate user-submitted material is the sole intellectual and creative property of that user. No other user may use it for any purpose without permission of the originating user (The CYOCYOA site has implicit non-exclusive rights to publish the material in keeping with the author's chosen level of availability). Do note, however, that there is virtually no way to easily enforce your copyright over a particular image or block of text which has been unlawfully distributed. Understand that submitting material to this site may make it publicly available and very easy to appropriate. Consider using "watermarks" on images, and if you are worried about your material, consider making the material only "privately available," and distributing the password only to trusted users.
  7. If any material on this site appears to be in violation of these terms or an applicable law, any user may send an email to admin(at)cyocyoa(period)com. We guarantee a response within 48 hours, and probably within 12. We'd offer you your money back if the guarantee is not met, but the site is free anyway.