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bowgartcitron (#4410)
Joined November 22, 2020

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About Me:

I am currently working on 2 CYOAs, Fantasy Faction, which is really long, and Assassin Attack, which is a shorter one. I will get Assassin Attack done and then I will continue working on Fantasy Faction. Assassin Attack will be published soon! Also my f key, my v key, and my left arrow key are kinda stuck so i hae to press really hard to get them to work.

bowgartcitron's adventures
Not enough ratings

ok i fixed the misspelled name so now i am going to work on the beginning.

- by bowgartcitron
first published Mar 17, 2021
Average rating: 5 stars

be dumb and if you become smart then YOU LOSE

- by bowgartcitron
first published Nov 23, 2020