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Codysly (#580)
Joined July 10, 2013

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About Me:

I like to make short Choose your own adventures, not ones with huge paragraphs and fancy words. I just make it simple for you to choose your path and enjoy the story.

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Codysly's adventures
Average rating: 3.9 stars

You wake up in a cave with only 2 ways to go. But soon your adventure expands.. If you don't die first. Each path gets you closer to an ending, beware!

- by Codysly
first published Jul 11, 2013 (modified Sep 13, 2014)
Average rating: 3.7 stars

In this parallel universe, your character wanders the dimensions of Wacky land. Will you die some horrible death, or live forever in this crazy place? Thats up to you!

- by Codysly
first published Sep 13, 2014 (modified Sep 14, 2014)
Average rating: 3.5 stars

Walking through a beautiful forest path... Nothing but Trees, Deer, and Implosive Jelly Monks. NOTE: This adventure could contain offensive or bad language. 

- by Codysly
first published Dec 22, 2015 (modified Aug 15, 2020)


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