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Average rating: 5 stars

You are the hero in an epic adventure through the worlds largest department store.

- by matthewjg20
first published Apr 10, 2019 (modified Apr 12, 2019)
Average rating: 4.9 stars

Very good story, very great, 12/10

Please rate 5 make this stay in top rated

- by Eulo
first published Dec 3, 2018
Average rating: 4.8 stars

Can you survive in medieval times as a lowly peasant? Try your hand at this adventure full of romance, escaping, and death. Will you die or become ruler?  

- by Kumquat Queen
first published Jan 30, 2019
Average rating: 4.8 stars

This is a totally believable story I'm about to tell you; of course with some help. I can't be expected to do all the work, can I?

- by Steve
first published Dec 6, 2016 (modified May 6, 2017)
Average rating: 4.8 stars

- by PresentedBy
first published May 3, 2018
Average rating: 4.8 stars

Do you have what it takes to command a huge army and single-handedly win the war? Try to find both of the successful endings!

- by Cheddar
first published May 5, 2018 (modified Jul 31, 2018)
Average rating: 4.8 stars

You did, and you still do.

- by iansjeff
first published Nov 6, 2016 (modified Dec 8, 2016)
Average rating: 4.7 stars

Today, you have the opportunity to have an amazing conversation with Bobby 2.0! 

- by Potatoboib_Appleboib
first published Jun 17, 2018 (modified Jun 22, 2018)
Average rating: 4.7 stars

You will go through D-Day as an American or British soldier 

- by hernate1617
first published Feb 7, 2017
Average rating: 4.7 stars

- by Seeker
first published Jan 18, 2016
Average rating: 4.7 stars

An adventure by your friendly neighborhood swing dealer. 

- by AllyKowaalski
first published Feb 25, 2018 (modified Mar 4, 2018)
Average rating: 4.7 stars

A challenging adventure where you try not to die.

- by logmans
first published Aug 23, 2017
Average rating: 4.7 stars

Your entire kingdom was destroyed in one fell stroke... could this mean war?

- by Cheddar
first published Jul 31, 2018 (modified Dec 3, 2018)
Average rating: 4.6 stars

- by ericsharris96
first published Jan 14, 2014
Average rating: 4.6 stars

You are a cat, your owner has a secret. Can you get the best ending?

- by meowsley
first published Sep 24, 2014 (modified Sep 29, 2014)