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Not enough ratings

You and another women fall in love in the 1940s. The problem is, homosexuality is illegal. So, the two of you must keep your love hidden, lest being found out by a Nazi, or worse - Hitler.

- by Zurina1015
first published Mar 20, 2018
Not enough ratings

Belly & Belly buttons oriented story

- by Poupou
first published Mar 16, 2018
Average rating: 5 stars

An adventure by your friendly neighborhood swing dealer. 

- by AllyKowaalski
first published Feb 25, 2018 (modified Mar 4, 2018)
Average rating: 4 stars

How did you become homeless?

- by alexfarky
first published Feb 24, 2018
Average rating: 3 stars

- by Wraith
first published Feb 19, 2018
Average rating: 1.7 stars

she still doesn't know

- by TheCatInGrey
first published Jan 20, 2018
Not enough ratings

Lol his face looks like "you really had to, huh? it's not even good!" and i'm all, "nah, but i had fun."

- by lonelyHomosapien
first published Jan 10, 2018
Average rating: 2 stars

- by GoldenBonnie09
first published Jan 5, 2018
Not enough ratings

- by GoldenBonnie09
first published Jan 5, 2018
Average rating: 3 stars

- by GoldenBonnie09
first published Jan 5, 2018
Average rating: 5 stars

You gotta name that dinosaur boi

- by Flows_Pen
first published Dec 21, 2017
Average rating: 4 stars

In Manhattan and you've got yourself a hot date? Now you need to find an awesome place to go to for dinner tomorrow? Perfect, you came to the right place!

- by MJZimmer88
first published Dec 20, 2017
Average rating: 5 stars

- by mlg_shreck_ofan
first published Dec 18, 2017
Average rating: 1 stars

This CYOA provides readers with the opportunity to explore the difference gender makes in the experience of girls growing up in different Christian sects in the United States, and how those experiences affect women as adults.

- by rlh5yk
first published Dec 15, 2017
Not enough ratings

Make your own choices, decide what you most truly value in life, and see if your morals correspond with the infamous 'American Dream'.

- by meaghanchurch
first published Dec 15, 2017 (modified Dec 18, 2017)