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What's all this, then?

This site is a tool and a showcase. Anyone may sign up for free and become the author of an interactive story, quiz, mini-wiki, etc. for others to read. We're bringing gamebooks to the internet, and it's about time!

Free, you say?

Yes sir, I do! The site is now and will always be free to join, and will never contain ads. It is not my goal to profit from your creativity.

What do I need?

To read stories, you probably already have everything you need: a fairly modern browser with JavaScript activated.

In order to create your own adventures, you'll need JavaScript enabled, cookies allowed, and an SVG-capable browser, as listed below:

Chrome 11+ generally works fine, but exhibits some minor deficiencies when editing screens with pictures.

I will do my best to fix any issues encountered on any of the listed browsers. If you find seemingly minor issues on other browsers, I'll be happy to look into those as well. In general, it's always best to use the most up-to-date version of your chosen browser for the best security and speed when browsing. I also suggest using a screen at least 1024 pixels wide for ideal readability, or 1280 pixels if you're authoring an Adventure.

How do I ___???

For an example of how the system works, or help using it, see the tutorial story. (note: in progress)
If the tutorial cannot answer your questions, feel free to post a support inquiry on the forum.

What should I write?

Only you can answer that question! The main thrust of the site is to allow the creation of interactive fiction similar to the Choose Your Own Adventure! series of books. However, with the tools you're given, you can also create quizzes, informational wiki-type entities, dating games, conceptual poetry, and all sorts of things I haven't even thought of.
The site will also be expanding steadily to allow more possibilities in adventure creation, so the possibilities will be expanding steadily!

You know what would be a great idea??

Well, I have plenty of ideas, but I'm always willing to hear more. To share your utopian aspirations for the site, please join our forum and start a topic in the "Support/Updates" section. I personally respond to all requests that aren't wholly ridiculous—and most of the ones that are as well.

For more information about the use of the site, also see our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions.